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How to install UXsniff on your Webflow site

This article shows you how to install the UXsniff Tracking Code on a site created and hosted using Webflow.

Webflow may change parts of this process from time to time

While we try to keep track of any major changes to popular platforms, companies may change parts of their software over time that we are unaware of. For the most up-to-date information about managing scripts in Webflow, check their documentation.

Step 1. Go to your UXsniff Account and click on Install.

Step 2. Click on Webflow tab.

Step 3. Click on the Copy icon to copy the Tracking Code to your clipboard..

Step 4. Click on the Webflow icon in the top left of your Webflow dashboard.

Step 5. Click on Project Settings.

Step 6. Click on Custom Code.

Step 7. Paste your UXsniff Tracking Code into the Head Code box.

Step 8. Click Save Changes.

Step 9. Click Publish on your project settings page.

When asked to select a domain, you should select the top-level domain for the Site listed in UXsniff.

Step 9. Click Publish to Selected Domains.