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How to install UXsniff on your Unbounce site

The steps below take you through the recommended approach of installing UXsniff's tracking code across all domains and pages in your Unbounce account. Instead, if you'd like to only install UXsniff on a single variant, you can do this inside the Editing view of the landing page variant. In the Editing view of the variant, click on Javascripts and paste in the UXsniff tracking code while changing the Placement to Head.

Step 1. Go to your UXsniff Account and click on Install.

Step 2. Click on Unbounce tab.

Step 3. Click on the Copy icon to copy the Tracking Code to your clipboard..

Step 4. Login to Unbounce and ensure you're in the Unbounce account where you'd like UXsniff installed.

Step 5. Select the Settings section in the navigation sidebar, then click Script Manager.

Step 6. Click Add a Script.

Step 7. From the What would you like to add? prompt, select Custom Script.

Step 8. Enter a Script Name, such as UXsniff Tracking Code, then click Add Script Details.

Step 9. Update the Script Details section with the settings below.

  1. Next to Placement, select Head
  2. Next to Included on, select All pages
  3. Paste the tracking code you copied from UXsniff into the text field

Step 10. Click Save to confirm the tracking code installation.