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How to install UXsniff on your SquareSpace site

This article provides instructions on how to install UXsniff on your SquareSpace site and also offers a workaround for tracking SquareSpace checkout conversions.

How to install UXsniff on your SquareSpace site

Step 1. Go to your UXsniff Account and click on Install.

Step 2. Click on SquareSpace tab.

Step 3. Click on the Copy icon to copy the Tracking Code to your clipboard..

Step 4. Click on Settings in your SquareSpace dashboard.

Step 5. Navigate to Advanced > Code Injection.

Step 6. Paste the UXsniff Tracking Code in the Header section text area.

Don't forget to click Save before closing the window.

Step 7. Your UXsniff Tracking Code is now installed

Once you have added the UXsniff Tracking Code to your site, you will need to wait a few minutes for UXsniff to check if it is installed correctly.

If your website undergoes a major design change after you've installed the Tracking Code, check to ensure your Tracking Code is still installed.

How to record the SquareSpace checkout flow

Unfortunately, SquareSpace does not offer the ability to add third-party scripts to their checkout pages. However, below are some possible workarounds for tracking conversions in UXsniff:

Track the confirmation page

While you can't track the checkout flow in SquareSpace, you can track your confirmation page. This means you can see sessions from users who made a purchase by filtering Recordings based on the confirmation page URL for your site (e.g. they visited the page that contains /order-confirmed).

Note: We recommend that you double-check the confirmation page URL on your live website, to ensure that your filter criteria matches your site's confirmation page URL. If it doesn't, you may need to filter by something other than "/order-confirmed" to see the desired sessions.